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Super Kids.jpeg

Their Smile Tells The Story. 

Super Kids.jpeg

This day is dedicated to children with disabilities & special needs. 

Everything is FREE to the kids and their caretakers. 

Ginger Obert

This was a one of a kind activity that allowed our daughter, Alaina, to be the center of attention, put in the spotlight for something good and fun, instead of being overlooked. She felt like a champion driver!

Michelle Adams

The Superkids Derby was an amazing experience for our son, Lucas. It was something that was all his. 
Thank you.

Leslie Lomax

(Founder & President - Landon's Helping Paws)

 Landon was all smiles and was so excited to get the opportunity to race a second time. This event was safe, well ran, and a thrill for our son who has Down Syndrome and who happens to love racing cars.
Thank you for doing Superkids!

Our proprietary race for children with special needs.  

Our cars are equipped with a chest harness & padded steering wheel.

Our custom built cars include a hand brake and a slip-steering override system so the buddy driver can take control.  

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